Thai Pineapple Rice


100 Coconut milk

80 Onion, chopped

250 Rice

2 Curry leaf

2 Thai ginger , chopped

300 Water

To taste Salt

20 Oil

40 Pineapple chunks

5 Fresh turmeric

1 piece Fresh pineapple

2 Turmeric powder

2 Hot curry powder

2 Lemon grass, chopped


First soak the rice at least for 30 minutes.

Now take a pan put oil in pan then heat the oil then add onion chop saute till golden brown.

Now add Thai ginger curry leaf, fresh turmeric crushed, lemon grass chop cook together.

Now add soaked rice mix well then add curry powder, turmeric powder and salt saute for some time. Now add coconut milk, pineapple chunks and water.

Cover with tight lid then keep for dum on slow fire.

Now take pineapple cut into two part from middle and scoop out the pineapple like barrel shape.

Stuff the pineapple with curried rice then cover with foil and cook for some time.

Serve hot with top of Grill pineapple slice.