TS Woman slits throat of infant daughter to ‘wash off’ bad omens

Hyderabad: A 32-year-old woman in Telangana’s Suryapet district on Thursday allegedly slit the throat of her six-month-old daughter to ‘wash-off’ her bad luck. This comes only months after a superstitious couple in Andhra Pradesh’s Madanapalle killed their two grown-up daughters in a brutal manner.

The incident took place in Mekalapati Tanda of Mothe Mandal, where the accused, identified as Banoth Bharathi, committed the crime under the influence of her superstitious beliefs, reports said.

A BSc, BEd graduate herself, Bharathi, is known to be a religious woman. She had believed she was cursed for ‘naga dosham’ (a bad omen). In a bid to get rid of the bad omen, Bharathi often performed numerous tough rituals, as per sources quoted by The News Minute.

When she gave birth to a baby, she indulged in more pujas and havans. After a while, she came under the presumption that if she sacrifices her child, the curse would be washed off. On Thursday morning, when her husband and other family members are not present, she commenced the ritual. 

“A few idols of deities were placed on a dressing table. The baby was then placed in front of the mirror and her throat was slit,” Praveen Kumar, the local SI was quoted as saying in the report. Police officials also said that Bharathi called up her relative after the sacrificing ritual to confess the murder committed by her. The woman is currently absconding.