T’gana Admission and Fee Regulatory committee aids B category admissions

Hyderabad: After several students and student organizations accused private professional colleges in the city of not accepting admission applications under the ‘B’ category, the Telangana Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (TAFRC) intervened to repair the situation by issuing a notice on Tuesday.

Keeping in mind the need to ensure admissions in a clear fashion, the TAFRC asked the students to submit their applications for admission in the office of the committee.

Discussing the issue, the notice issued by the Committee remarked that “In case students are denied admission, the TAFRC would step in and submit the student’s application for admission to the concerned college.”  

The notice also said that this was done to avoid inconveniencing students who also alleged that other students less deserving than themselves get admissions, while the lack of B category applications ensures that the now protesting students are denied.

The notice concluded by saying that the time schedule notified by the Convener of Eamcet admissions should be followed.