Texas Mayor, city manager call on Rammohan

Craig Morgan, Mayor of Round Rock Texas and Laurie Hadley, City Manager, today called on Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan in his chambers at GHMC Head Office. The visitors visited the Hyderabad City for some investments in Industries in Major IT Companies.

In this connection, they visited GHMC Head Office for an interaction with the Mayor. While interacting, the Mayor said the City was having an history of 425 years and the GHMC has signed Sister City Agreements with some eight different cities in the World. The Telangana Government is one of the States in the Country which was developing very rapidly when compared to that of other States in the Country.

Apart from this, the IT Industries and Pharma companies are also coming up in the Hi-Tech Cities in coordination with various Countries. The Mayor also explained about the Sanitation, Roads and overall development of the civic affairs. Craig Morgan said the City of Round Rock has 11 lakh population, most of them Indians residing in the city, he added. He also praised the well maintained roads, fetching up of revenue resources and other civic developmental activities and further stated that they are willing to come up with the Sister City Agreement with the GHMC in the near future.

Saroj K. Patnaik, Indian, who was working for one of the companies in the U.S also accompanied the visiting Mayor. Later, the Hyderabad Mayor presented a Charminar memento to the visiting Mayor. (NSS)