testAIng Solutions (tai) launched globally

Noida: A passionate and innovative group of entrepreneurs – Viepul Kocher, Dr Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Saurabh Bansal, Rakesh Sharma – from industry and academia got together to conceive, and create tai. Very briefly, tai means ‘testing AI’ and ‘testing with AI’.

On June 12, 2019, the founders announced the global launch of tai, which is the world’s first AI-focussed testing services company. tai operates from India (Noida, Bengaluru, and Jodhpur), Germany, and Canada.

“The trigger for starting tai was two-fold. One was the lack of focus on testing AI products; while the other was the unfulfilled desire of most test professionals to use AI in traditional testing. AI will be a part of most products and unless we develop tools, techniques, and processes for testing AI, we won’t be contributing to safe AI usage”, said Viepul Kocher, a parallel entrepreneur and tai’s Soul/Atma (aatmaa).

“tai combines the best of breed techniques from AI research, including metamorphic testing, generative models for testing, and adversarial testing”, said Dr Srinivas Padmanabhuni, tai’s Intellect/Buddhi (buddhi), while expounding the academic approach.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a disruptive technology affecting various industries such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, call centres, energy and mining, and Intellectual Property (IP). AI usage is also a disruptive strategy in testing services.

AI applications have already become a part of our everyday life and our dependence on them is increasing exponentially. Traditionally, a lot of resources are used in testing an application or product before its release. However, there is a distinct lack of focus on testing AI components in applications.

tai addresses this lacuna. Its investments in researching AI testing have created tai’s core competence – skilled AI test professionals, AI-based tools and IP. In essence, tai is an end-to-end one-stop destination for all testing-related solutions for AI applications, products, and components.

tai serves the needs of AI application and system developers by:

  • Using new AI research, its AI-based IP and tools to test AI systems, applications, and components.
  • Using AI to manage the entire Test Life Cycle. For example, using AI to devise end-to-end test strategy; using AI to optimize conventional testing; and using AI to automate tests.
  • Using AI to prepare and pre-process data for AI applications.

Very specifically, tai’s bouquet of service offerings includes:

  • Consulting Services
  • Testing AI Apps
  • AI in Testing & Automation
  • Data Wrangling Services

tai’s unique value proposition allows customers to build and release quality AI applications with an improved time to market and reduced cost of quality.

tai is already working with a few customers; the list includes: MoMAGIC Technologies, MyGate, KritiKal Solutions, and Mobilous.

Here is what two of our customers said:

“Thanks for your help in testing our mobile application. tai has been a great partner in helping us achieve our quality goals”, said Shreyans Daga, Co-founder & Director of MyGate.

“tai transformed the way we looked at testing. In a short time, they have become more than a vendor; they have become our partner in delivering quality in our AI and non-AI products”, said Dipinder Sekhon, Co-founder and CEO, KritiKal Solutions.