Tesla’s holiday update brings TikTok, other features

San Francisco: Elon Musk-owned electric vehicle company Tesla has started to release its ‘holiday’ software update with TikTok integration in Tesla Theater, several UI changes and more.

According to the auto-tech website Electrek, while Tesla generally pushes new features through software updates whenever it is ready, it is also known for bundling some of those more fun features for a bigger ‘holiday update’ toward the end of the year.

Tesla Theater, the platform where Tesla integrates streaming apps, is getting a new addition, TikTok, which allows them to watch the short video platform from their touchscreen. To launch, users can tap the Theater icon from the bottom bar and select TikTok while the car is in park.

Along with the Tesla Theater, Tesla also has an ‘Arcade’ where it ports video games.

In this year’s holiday update, the automaker is also adding Sonic the Hedgehog.

With the customisable app launcher, users can drag and drop their favourite apps to any position along the bottom menu bar for easy access. To customise the menu bar, users will have to hold any icon and then drag to reorder.

To adjust climate controls such as heated seats and defrost, tap on the temperature or swipe up from the bottom of the screen, the report said.

The report mentioned that Dark Mode can now be activated manually. And, Tesla has also added a way to automate blind spot camera view, which users can now automatically see a live camera view of your blind spot whenever they activate the turn signal.