Terrorism has no religion and media should avoid making heroes out of terrorists: Venkaiah Naidu

Hyderabad: Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday referred to terrorism and violence as the biggest threat to humanity and advised media to avoid making terrorists heroes. “Terror, terrorism and violence are the biggest threats to humanity.

Terrorism has no religion, no colour and everyone in one voice must denounce terrorism. Media should not play into the hands of terrorists and avoid making them heroes,” Naidu said at a review meeting held at Doordarshan Kendra in Hyderabad.

The minister stressed the need for upholding credibility in dissemination of information by public broadcasters. “Public service broadcasters have a great responsibility on their shoulders to ensure credibility in the era of competition.”

He said that public discourse should be guided by development rather than disruptive tactics and politics. Naidu advised the public broadcaster not to jump to conclusions, but confirm the news before putting it out on air.

“A public broadcaster, while disseminating information, must abstain from obscenity, vulgarity and violence,” he said. ”People in the media while producing programmes, plays, cultural programmes, must keep in mind India’s great heritage, culture, traditions and customs.”

Naidu said that media must maintain high standards in informing the masses, keeping in mind the philosophy and guidelines established by the founding fathers in various spheres of public life. He also advised the media not to get involved in either speculation or invention of news. “Let us not mix news with views and create a bad practice.”

The minister urged media to be biased towards rural people, agriculturists, down-trodden sections, women and disabled people in giving more coverage to highlight their grievances.

“Uplifting the poorest of the poor is the philosophy of NDA government,” said Naidu, adding India and its people do not need bills in parliament but political will and administrative skill to run the government programmes successfully.