Terrorism needs to be tackled ideologically: Think Tank

Stating that Terrorism is the biggest threat to the global peace, New Delhi-based  Think Tank India Foundation director Alok Bansal said it needs to be countered ideologically more than with weapons.

Speaking at a seminar on “Terrorism Today-Aspects, Challenges and Responses”, organized by Social Cause, he stressed the need to convince the youth, who have been romantically addicting to IS and other terror outfits. He strongly disputed the contention that “terrorism” was a “mindless act” and said it has been used with firm conviction with a definite ideological basis. Though India has been facing terrorism since many decades, he said the world is only caught aware of this threat in recent times.

            Stating that many countries like Pakistan have been stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, he said that would lead to great danger as such nations are using terrorism as a State policy. Referring to three major terror threats prevailed like left-wing terrorism, religious terrorism and nationalistic terrorism, he said to counter such threats first we need to understand their ideological basis.

            Referring to Jihadi terrorism, he said presently it has been emerging as a major danger in the form of Islamic State (IS), besides Al Quaida, Bansal said Islam is not a monolithic religion as it has been viewed and there are many views among its scholars and preachers. Stating that now a large number of youth all over the world, mostly from affluent sections are being attracted towards IS with determined efforts, Bansal felt the need to go into Islamic teachings to counter them. “We need to discourage youth from joining IS only by convincing them their ideological path has no basis in Islam”, he added.


Maharashtra State Minorities Commission Chairman Asmir Saheb participating as chief guest asserted that Islam or Mohammad Prophet had never advocated violence and terrorism has no sanction of religious preachings. He made it clear that no terrorist can become a true Muslim and no Muslim can become a terrorist, he said. “Islam always preaches humanity, peace and harmony”, he said. Accusing that some groups have been using religion as a cover up for their evil activities, he said they should be exposed thoroughly.

Former Union Home secretary K Padmanabhaiah, who presided over the program, said countering terrorism is not the lone task of the government, but the society and people as a whole should be involved. He deplored that the Indian government policies have many weaknesses while dealing with the problem of terrorism. “We don’t have a strong law to deal with terrorism”, he felt.

Stating that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is the only body dealing with terrorism at national level, he said out of 122 cases it was dealing with, only 25 cases related to terror acts and only one case was resolved till now. He said there are cases related to 2006, for which even trial was also not started.

Dr Alok Bansal of Social Cause said India has become a victim of State-sponsored terrorism since decades. (NSS)