Terrorism, global warming threat to humanity: PM Modi

Emphasizing that the two main challenges facing the world today are terrorism and global warming, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for collective responsibility to tackle the same.

“There are two major issues that leaders of all countries are worried about. The first is terrorism and the second is global warming. Whether it be terrorism or global warming, to save humanity is the responsibility of every country, every citizen of the world,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said India can show the world the path to fight both terrorism and global warming.

“We are already on that path and we will stick to it. Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his teachings, his non-violence philosophy has so much power that we can find the way to counter terrorism and global warming because Gandhi was that foresighted,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said India does not want sympathy but equality from the world.

“We no longer want sympathy from the world, we want equality. And I can say after 18 months of experience that today whoever speaks to India, speaks as an equal. If they want to associate then with a win-win formula, if they want to advance then shoulder to shoulder and this to me is the sign of a bright future,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing the Indian diaspora at the Wembley Stadium here, further said the world is seeing India as a land of many opportunities.

“The pace and direction of progress in India is such that the fruits of development will be seen very soon,” he added. (ANI)