Terrorism doesn’t have a border, says Adnan Sami

New Delhi: Pakistani-origin singer Adnan Sami, who is now an Indian citizen, today said Pakistan should understand that Indian Army’s surgical strike was not aimed at it, but was against the terrorists, who have even attacked the neighbouring country in the past.

Sami invited a lot of flak on social media by Pakistani users for hailing the surgical strike

“The tweet came out of my heart and I pardon those who criticised me. We need to look at why the strike happened and not against whom. This was not a territorial strike aimed at acquisition of land but a response to an unwarranted attack. The strike was aimed at a terrorist camp.

“Terrorism doesn’t have a border. Terrorists attack Mumbai, Peshawar and also Paris,” said the singer at the India Today Safaigiri Awards here.

The 43-year-old musician said everyone from artistes to common people in both the nations want peace between both the nations.

“People say that artists always want peace, they call them the messengers of peace and so on and so forth. Although it is true, I don’t think artistes are the only ones who should get this ‘beautiful credit’. I think all our citizens want peace, not just artists.”

Drawing an analogy regarding the current India-Pak situation, he said, “The way I look at it, if my neighbour’s house, for any reason, is producing garbage and that garbage is coming to my house then how is it right? What am I supposed to do? I will go to him and tell him to keep clean.”

Sami appealed to Pakistan that it should join hands with India to eliminate terrorism and not take the surgical strike “personally”.

“Eliminate it. If you won’t do it alone, let us do it together so that we and our children can live in this world in peace. That is it. There is nothing more to it. It is as simple as that.

“Why are you taking this personally? You yourself know there are suicide bombers who blast themselves in Mosques, so if someone is helping you eliminate it, you should be thankful.”