Terrorism cannot be tackled only through talks: Sri Sri

Bhopal: The problem of terrorism cannot be checked only through dialogue and the “pressure” of armed forces should be simultaneously exerted on terrorists to make them understand that everybody has the right to live, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said here today.

“Terrorists should be given invitation to hold talks, but this alone will not resolve the problem as they don’t want to understand that others also have a right to live. Therefore, there is a necessity to keep pressure of armed forces on them,” Ravi Shankar told reporters at the Central Press Club here.

Responding to a query, he said “narrow mindedness” was the reason behind terrorism. “It (terrorism) will not be able to survive if kids are educated on all religions,” he added.

Ravi Shankar said that India has been suffering due to terrorism since long, but the Western countries were unable to accept it. “They used to say that it was a reaction to an action. But when Paris was attacked by terrorists, the entire Europe got shaken and all of them got united to fight against it. Only after the Paris attack they realised that India is badly affected by the menace,” he added.

Against the backdrop of Opposition’s charge that “intolerance” is on the rise in the country, the spiritual guru said he did not find any atmosphere of intolerance.

“There was no bridge between different communities and such problem normally occurs during polls only,” he said apparently referring to incidents of communal tension.

On Dadri lynching, he said that nobody has the right to take away life and to take law into their hands.

“The country has the necessary potential to become a world guru as it is very young, talented, has deep heritage and that diversity is honoured in the country,” the spiritual guru said.

Ravi Shankar said a programme to mark completion of 35 years of the Art of Living will be organised in Delhi from March 11-13 in which delegates from 155 nations will take part.

“Through this congregation, a Kumbh of sort, we will try to give the message against terrorism that world is a global village (‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam) and respect for all religions (‘Sarvadharma Sambhav’),” he added.