Terrorism and the Hypocritical world

The recent attack that has taken place in New Zealand was done by an Australian-born white man who is reportedly a 28-year-old. There were 49 people who were killed in the mosque and they did not cause any harm to anyone and were just performing their religious duty.

According to sources, his name is identified to be ‘Brenton Tarrant’. He didn’t just kill those people but he also had the audacity to stream it live on Facebook. The questions we have here is why is he referred as a Gunman and not a Terrorist? Why is no religion linked with his name? Why is he just a mass murderer? Why is the world not fair? Why are only Muslims labelled as Terrorist?

It was a well-planned attack on all the namazis who had no intention other than just bowing down to their Lord. There are millions of Muslims across the world that fear to wear their veil, growing their beard and in the end, we are the one who are called as terrorists. People don’t want division of religions now that the terrorist is not a Muslim. If the terrorist was a Muslim there would be a lot of hatred and trending hashtags of #BanMuslims #MuslimsAreExtremists. Why is the world so unfair towards us Muslims?

The culprit, “A Terrorist”; what he should actually be called has streamed himself killing people live and the world is a witness of it and still, his face is being blurred by media. The world should know the face of a criminal who’s not ashamed a bit of the horrendous crime he committed.

Now if the world is fair, the government should desert the culprit and leave him to starve like the British Government, US government and government of other countries are doing with the brainwashed Daesh brides, who are apologetic of leaving their country for what they thought was good but they realized the reality and are willing to change . They did not kill anyone though and are still starving and begging for a good future for their children.