Terror threat from within Pak to ‘outside’ remains: Pentagon

Washington: The Pentagon has warned that there continues to be a terror threat from within Pakistan to the Pakistani people and to outside, even as it acknowledged that “more can be done” to address the issue.

“Focusing on counter-terrorism has been a big part of our ongoing conversations with Pakistan and will continue to be a major focus of our efforts with Pakistan,” Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters.

“We believe that there continues to be a terrorist threat within Pakistan against the Pakistani people and also posing a threat outside of Pakistan and we continue to work closely with the Pakistan government to try and address it,” he said in response to a question.

“We think there’s more that can be done and this is something that will continue to be a major focus,” he added.

Cook said the United States continues to have regular communication with Pakistani counterparts on the safety and security of nuclear weapons.

He said the US is watching the situation and the region closely.

“This is a part of the world that’s had its share of political upheaval in recent years and this is something that we’ll watch carefully and that in particular with regard to our military relationship we’ll continue to engage our counterparts on that front,” he said.

The United States, he said, is engaged on a regular basis with Pakistani military counterparts.

“We will continue to have the conversation that we always have with them with regard to stability in the region, stability of Pakistan, and of course, the terrorism threat that emanates from Pakistan and the area,” Cook said.