Tension among lower and higher castes of the Hindu increased: Jaipal Reddy

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister, Mr. S. Jaipal Reddy told that tension among the lower and higher Hindu castes would increase along with the enhancement of hatred among the Hindus and the Muslims. By doing so, BJP is playing a very dangerous game. Saharanpur is the latest incident of tension among the lower and the higher Hindu castes. Modi is working openly on the secret agenda of Mr. Vajpayee.

Describing the success of Congress meeting of Rahul Gandhi at Sangareddy, Mr. Jaipal Reddy said that a large number of people participated in the public meeting which is a testimony that TRS is losing support of the people.

Addressing “Meet the press” program held at Press Club, Somajiguda yesterday, Mr. Reddy told that for gaining political mileage, BJP is tarnishing the Hindu-Muslim unity thereby destroying the democratic fabric of the country. Whatever success BJP is getting is temporary but the Ganga-Jamuna Civilization of India is getting ruined. In order to consolidate Hindu votes, hatred is being generated against the Muslims. Religious and sentimental issues are being made controversial but this conspiracy would prove to be dangerous for Hindu society. Hindu society has many castes and classes which include higher and lower castes. Conflicts would increase among them. Its example is UP where more than Hindu-Muslim fears, Thakur and Dalit tensions are being increased. Its latest example is Saharanpur incident.

These days BJP and RSS are grumbling but in the freedom struggle of India and framing of Constitution, they had no role. Modi and KCR are the first PM and CM who took shelter under the promises which could never be fulfilled. In this way, they misled people and assumed power.

Modi promised to get Rs. 80 lakh crore black money back to India and also to deposit Rs. 15 lakh in the accounts of every citizens which he did not fulfill. Inconveniences due to demonetization were supposed to last for 50 days but even today money is not available either in banks or ATMs.

Former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh claimed that GDP growth would fall by 1-2%. Two days back, Govt. of India released new statistics in which it admitted that GDP has decreased. If 1% GDP is decreased, Rs. 1.5 crore would be lost. In the world market, the prices of crude oil have been decreased. Till June 2014, the price of petrol for each barrel was $105. In April 2017, petrol is available at the rate of $49 per barrel. Govt. of India is getting Rs. 1.20 lakh crore but it is depriving its benefit to the consumers. During Congress regime, whatever cost of petrol was there, it stands even today. It is a broad day robbery of Govt. of India.

It is being declared that Ram Temple would be constructed soon. National TV Channels are also playing an irresponsible role.

Explaining the failure of Congress in Telangana, Mr. Reddy told that Congress delayed in passing Telangana bill for which Congressmen did not enough time to approach people. A few Congress leaders joined TRS misleading the high command. As a result of it, Congress incurred loss. Despite this, Congress got 20% votes whereas TRS polled 30% votes. Mr. Reddy slammed CM of Telangana and said that count down of BJP and TRS had already started which would bring Congress to power in 2019 elections.

–Siasat News