Tendulkar to flag off inaugural Kolkata Full Marathon

Kolkata: Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar will flag off the inaugural edition of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon, which will have 8000 participants across three events, at Red Road tomorrow.

The face of the event, Tendulkar urged the people to come out and start running for a healthy living.

“I’ve always been supportive for any outdoor activity. Today’s generation has access to various things sitting in one spot, like for example video games keep them engage equally. But the idea is to play some sport.

“The idea is to motivate others to wear the running shoes, and contribute towards a fitter city and nation, it’s a message of fitness,” Tendulkar said about his association.

Citing example of the modern day Team India under Virat Kohli, Tendulkar said it’s their fitness regime that has made them one of the best fielding sides in the world.

“We have got one of the best fielding sides in the world. They are even mentally attacking while fielding. The body is moving in the same direction as mind. That happens only with practice. Our fitness routine, the awareness all those things add value, it reflects in their fitness.”

“Nothing happens without practice. It’s evident in the way the team are practising very conscious of their fitness. Maybe we would be doing differently 15-20 years from now, that’s progression. But as of now it’s a joy to watch them.”

The full marathon will be flagged off at 5 am where about 800 amateur runners will compete and it will be followed by half marathon at 6.30am, the 10K and 5K events at 7.30am and 9.30am respectively with a total prize purse of Rs 10 lakh.

“It’s proven that if the kids go out and participate in some outdoor activities their absorbing power increases and they’re able to grasp not just sport but become more receptive to study.

“It’s about leading a healthy life. I remember my grandmother telling me ‘health is your wealth, stay active, stay healthy’.

“It’s time for you to come out of your sofa and you will see the moment we get into some kind of sport, our lifestyle changes, the clothes fit you better… One must remember that fitness is not just from outside but from within you. It’s not just for looks but for quality lifestyle,” he said.

Tendulkar remembered the IDBI Half Marathon in Mumbai on August 21.

“I was there at 5am in the morning and the spirit was such that you had a 16-year-old as well as a 75-year-old running in full zest.

“Many were struggling to finish but they were not giving up. I could feel the energy. I’m sure the excitement will be high.