Temporary employees of Minority residential schools deprived of salaries

Hyderabad: The temporary employees in the catering department of schools run by Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) are deprived of the salaries for the past 4 months. They registered a protest at the society office in this connection, but the authorities shrugged off saying that the catering contractor is responsible for this.

It is said that TMERIES had entered into an agreement with a private company to provide catering services to all 204 schools. The contractor violated the agreement and failed to supply standard food to the students. On the violation of the agreement, the society cancelled the agreement and took over the catering arrangement. The contractor who had sought the services of the temporary workers did not pay them salaries. They are making rounds of the society office for 4 months for the salary but didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

Siasat news