Temple celebrates Independence Day as per Hindu calendar

Indore: Even as preparations are on in full swing across the country to celebrate the 69th Independence Day on Saturday, a temple in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district observes it in a unique way in accordance with the annual Hindu calendar.

The famous Pashupatinath temple in Mandsaur, which has been following this unique tradition for last two decades, celebrated the I-Day on Thursday.

“On August 15, 1947 when the country got independence, then as per the ‘Hindu Panchang’ (calendar) it was the ‘chaturdashi’ of dark lunar fortnight (Krishna Paksha) during the month of shravan,” Pashupatinath temple’s senior priest Umesh Joshi said.

“Therefore, for the last 20 years we have been performing puja in the temple for Independence Day on this ‘tithi’ (day) as per the Hindu calendar,” he said.

The Independence Day was celebrated with traditional fervour on the chaturdashi on Thursday at the temple, situated around 225 km from Indore on the banks of Shivna river in Mandsaur, he said.

“On the occasion, the ashtamukhi (eight-face) Shivlinga in the temple was anointed with water having the holy ‘durva’ grass dipped into it and prayers were performed for happiness to prevail in the country,” Joshi said.
He said as per the Hindu beliefs, sprinkling water of the durva grass on the Shivlinga reduces the affects of evil forces.

This tradition is performed every year with a wish that the country may remain protected against the evil forces, he added.