Telugu student releases video detailing challenges faced in the US


Hyderabad: The U.S. is home to several of the top universities in the world and offers many opportunities for the students. Whether it is finding international student aid, dealing with cultural differences, or finding a solution to an academic problem, international students in the United States face many challenges.

Similarly, a B.Tech graduate from India who is in the US has released a video which shows the challenges she was facing in the US. In the 3.18-minute video, she urged B.Tech graduates not to come to the US.

She also filmed the localities near her residence and said.“Thank NPU and Silicon Valley University for assisting Indian students in getting visas. Here, most students dress well and go out in the morning but they head to part-time jobs to clean toilets and work as baby sitters. I also clean toilets,” she said.

Stating that the United States is expensive and costs “an arm and a leg,” to survive. She said the rents were at least $3,000. “To overcome this, at least 15 students stay in a flat. Except four, all others should leave if there is an inspection.”

The video went viral on social media and some of the other techies said her that it was her mistake to join low-grade universities like NPU and Silicon Valley and advised her to work hard to get a seat in good universities.

One of the techies said. “If it is illegal for more than four persons to stay in a flat, she would face such problems during inspections,” another said. “Those of us who came here from poor or middle-class families faced the situation as a challenge and we are now enjoying life with higher salaries.”

But one of the techie from Serilingam-pally, Mr. M. Madhava Kumar, who settled in the US, said what ever the girl said was correct but added, “They are forgetting the main objective.We are still lucky to come here. There is no way we can live with the money we brought from home. We have to go through hardships but after two years the same person will tell a different story.”