Telugu Association of Greater Chicago donates money to Hyderabad NGO, Desire

Chicago: The Telugu Association of Greater Chicago (TAGC) celebrated the International women’s day in March in Chicago and the members donated a portion of women’s day entree fee along with the charity funds raised during the event to Desire society located in Hyderabad.

Desire Society is a non-profit voluntary organization with presence in different locations in India. The organization is working to improve the lives of children struggling with the impact of HIV/AIDS by providing shelter, Nutritious Diet, Health care, Education and Psychosocial support. The main focus of the organization is to provide institutional care homes for the abandoned and orphaned children suffering with HIV/AIDS. “We know that TAGC Board & all the women who celebrated the event with us are proud of opting Desire Society as our choice of charity organization and are incredibly appreciative of working towards this cause”, the TAGC president Ramachandra R Ade said in a statement here on Monday.

The TAGC donated Rs 50,000 to the organization with a view to help them to accomplish their goals. Mr Ramachandra R Ade thanked all the donors and guests.