Telugu Actress helps kids who became orphan during pandemic

Hyderabad: Actress Lakshmi Manchu is doing her bit to help children who have lost their parents to Covid.

Her NGO Teach for Change will be extending support to 1,000 kids who have lost their parents to the virus. Their team is already on the ground, identifying such kids. They will be helping them with education, basic necessities and also help build a foundation for themselves.

“On a personal front, I have been helping as many people as I can, trying to find medications or hospital beds and vice versa. The effect of Covid is more devastating post getting Covid even for the families and children who lost parents during this time,” she says.

She adds: “We, at Teach for Change, are committed to taking care of 1,000 kids from lower-income households — of their education, tuition, clothes and whatever it is they need help with.”

Recently, the actress also stepped up to help the community of Hyderabad by donating 1,000 cooked meals in hospitals.

“The initiative started with the lockdown where most people around the hospitals have been coming in from smaller towns and have no access to food. So, we chose a few hospitals that we would distribute 1000 meals during the entire lockdown. Our team at Teach for Change, our volunteers, our team members have been doing this every single day and are so grateful to be able to feed people and take hunger away from them,” she says.