Telecom leadership advocates the women participation in telecom sector

New Delhi: Telecom sector has created a new digital society of mobile internet, social media, e-Commerce and entertainment and their vision on women empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship in the Indian telecom sector.

In an event organized by the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), keys issues regarding women representation at leadership position in the telecom sector were discussed by notable speakers such as Dilip Modi, Chairman, Spice Mobility Ltd.; Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman of Bharti Enterprises and Executive Chairman, Bharti Infratel Ltd.; Sapna Moudgil, Director, NIIT Foundation amongst others at the event.

Dilip Modi, Chairman Spice mobility Ltd., said that the study showed women representation on board has helped company grow globally, as per the study done by Catalyst agency a leading agency focusing on fortune 500 companies revealed that company having women on board directors, achieved 56 percent higher returns on Equity, 42 percent higher returns on sales and 66 percent higher returns on invested capital, then those having lower representation of women in board.

He said that he initiated making a focused policy to bring 30 percent representation of women on board and 20 percent women representation at leadership position.

Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman of Bharti Enterprisesand Executive Chairman, Bharti Infratel Ltd said women are empowered and have the necessary skills to excel industry. He also mentioned that the two key positions in Bhatri Enterprise are represented by women.

Sapna Moudgil, Director, NIIT Foundation spoke about Basic Digital Literacy Courses for skilling girls. They have several promoting scheme to bring more girls get empowered.

She also spoken about the collaboration from the corporate to empower more women with the basic courses designed for women Virat Bhatia, President, External Affairs, South Asia, said that in India there are 950 million mobile subscribers; 350 million internet users;. India is Second largest subscribers for Facebook and LinkedIn, and Contributes US$ 60 Billion (2.7 percent) of GDP, employs five lakhs+ today; 15-20 lakhs by 2018.

As per the global trend, women in India will be getting empowered with the growing e commerce, social media, penetration of smart phone and internet into the rural areas.

Direct linkage through the telecom sector is expected to generate four million direct and indirect jobs over the next five years according to estimates by Randstad India. Another way to empower women is in the country like India where women are physical secluded, telecom provides the means of access to women. (ANI)