Telcos’ to plea SC against call drop penalty

New Delhi: The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and Association of Unified Service Providers in India ( AUSPI) are all set to move to the Supreme Court against levy of call drop penalty.

Citing urgency, the telecom companies, who will move the apex court tomorrow, will urge for an early hearing in the matter that involves levy of call drop penalty on them.

The court had allowed the TRAI to enforce penalty and take necessary action. The telecom companies have argued before the apex court that there is no statutory provision backing the levy of call drop penalty.

They have also argued that quality of service regulations are already in place, which allow two percent rate of call drop and the telecom companies collectively, nationally are looking at call drop rate of 0.77 percent.

According to some telecom companies, it is impossible to achieve a 100 percent rate of call drop and it would be unfair to levy the same on them.