Telangana waqf board cancels illegal registration of two properties

Hyderabad: Telangana waqf board succeeded in ensuring cancellation of two waqf properties’ illegal registration.  Fakhir Mulla Mir Momin Chup Dargah at Balapur auqaf lands were sold and registered illegally.

The waqf board submitted the relevant record and documents of the property to the Sub-Registrar’s office.  After scrutiny of the documents, the Sub Registrar had cancelled 12 registrations.

Similarly, the illegal registration of Auqaf property at Moin Manzil, Gun Foundry carried out in 2008 was cancelled.  The land grabber used a fake NOC of the Auqaf to declare the property as personal which resulted in an FIR being lodged at Abids Police Station.  After reviewing the waqf board record, the Sub Registrar had cancelled the registration of Moin Manzil.

The waqf chairman Mohammed Saleem took personal interest in ensuring cancellation of these two illegal registrations.  He is in touch with the officials to safeguard other Auqaf properties.