Telangana Waqf Board in search of Waqfnama’s

Hyderabad: The High Court has directed the Telangana state Waqf board to digitize the records within six weeks but the board is finding itself in a difficult position as it could not locate title deeds of few properties. These title deeds include Waqfnama (deed of Waqf) and muntakhabs (book of endowment).

The senior officials maintain that there are gazette notifications of these properties but they are not able to find link papers which are considered as title deeds.

The unavailability of title deeds has not gone down well because previous two judgments related to Waqf properties were not in favour of the board. One property case is related to a land parcel of approximately 4.5 acres endowed to Masjid-e-Karodgiri in Karwan and another of similar size endowed to the Qutb Shahi Masjid in Attapur.

Chief Executive Officer M. A. Mannan Farooqui said that “It would be inappropriate for me to say anything about the Masjid-e-Karodgiri and the masjid in Attapur as these cases are sub-judice. We are working on the cases again and they are pending hearing.”

The board has little clarity on which properties do not have waqfnamahs and muntakhabs.