Telangana Wakf Board to make new laws to better its performance

Hyderabad: In order to better Telangana Wakf Board performance, for the first time since 1963, new rules and regulations will be finalized. According to the Wakf Board, the State government had given it authority to lay down rules and regulations. In 1963, the Wakf Board laid down its rules and regulations for the last time.

A six-member committee has been formed and the committee conducted its first meeting headed by the Wakf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem and attended by the Board members Maulana Akbar Nizamabadi, Dr Nisar Hussain, Hyder Agha, M A Waheed, and the Wakf Board standing Council members Salahuddin, Abdul Muqeet Qureshi, and Farhan Azam.

The state government has laid down some conditions for bettering the Wakf Board performance. The meeting added a few more recommendations and a report has been sent to the government and it is expected that the approval will be granted soon.

The new rules and regulations will be related to the board meeting, preparation of agenda, employees affairs, their promotion, and disciplinary action as well as remuneration and perks of the Board Chairman and other board members. The new rules will be known as “Regulation 2021”.

The Wakf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem said that due to the new rules, the Wakf Board performance will be better and the sense of accountability will be created among the employees.

Mohammed Saleem said that in the absence of these rules the board officials were facing criticisms. Now the Board has prepared the service rules hence its performance will be better in every department.