Telangana Wakf Board passes resolution to oust heritage buff Safiullah as Deputy CEO

Hyderabad: In an unusual move, the Telangana State Wakf Board has taken the first step to remove its Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mohammed Safiullah, on grounds that both the Wakf Act and its rules do not mention any such post.

Safiullah, a heritage buff and avid document collector, is an assistant secretary-level officer, working as the protocol officer at TS Genco. He was made the Deputy CEO on 23rd March of this year. The move was after Safiullah expressed his willingness and consent to discharge his duties at the SWB.

On Tuesday, during a meeting of the board which was attended by CEO Shahnawaz Qasim and members Syed Akber Nizamuddin Hussani Saberi, Zaker Hussain Javed, Mirza Anwar Baig, Malik Motasim Khan, Nissar Hussain Hyder Agha, and Waheed Ahmed.

According to sources, all members of the board signed the resolution which was item number 51 on the agenda of the board had been convened to discuss various issues.

“The administration of the Wakf boards and the administration of its properties are done according to the Wakf Act and the Wakf Rules. Neither the Act, nor the Rule have provided for the post of the Deputy CEO. This is the reason why the item was placed on the agenda. All of the members have signed the item,” a source from the board said.

In 2019, Abdul Hameed was made CEO. He then went on leave but did not return to the board. After this District Minorities Welfare Officer Mohammed Khasim, was appointed the CEO. Khasim invited the ire of the High Court of Telangana for per inefficiency to protect Wakf properties. The High Court stated that it seemed as if  Khasim was in cahoots with land grabbers. The State Wakf Board was asked to replace replace Mr Khasim, after which IPS officer Shahnawaz Qasim was given charge.