Telangana Wakf board gives free burial space

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Wakf on Monday laid a foundation stone for the free graveyard space under the shrine of Dargah Baba Sharf Uddin. Nearly 16 acres of land have been provided by the Wakf Board.

The TS Wakf Board Chairman, Mohammed Saleem Qureshi along with the Khateeb of the Shahi Masjid — Bagh-e-Aam Hafez Ahsan Bin Mohammed Al-Hamoomi, Mufti Hassan Farooqui, and Wakf officials have laid the foundation stone and declared the land for free burials.

The Board’s Chairman, Mohammed Saleem Qureshi said, “Instructions have been given to all police stations and masjids in the state regarding this as well. After observing that the community has been facing difficulties for the burial in the city graveyard. Moreover, the board came to know that several graveyards were charging Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20,000 for the burial. The board immediately passed the resolution for the land and laid the stone as a mark of declaration for the Wakf graveyard.”

He said that the Wakf board will sue land grabbers if they try to grab the land.

It may be mentioned that the board has taken this step after most of them were suffering for burial space and after a man was denied burial in Muslim graveyards over COVID-19 fears. That too, with his last rites being performed in a Hindu resting place in Hyderabad.