Telangana Urban dashboard of Municipal Administration dept launched

Municipal Administration Secretary Navin Mittal today launched the Telangana Urban dashboard of the Municipal Administration department in the CDMA office.

Speaking on the occasion, Mittal said the initiatives such as the dash board would help in monitoring the functioning of the department better and ensure efficient and effective urban governance. He observed that the urban sector is a critical sector and every single step taken by the officials can make a lot of difference in the improvement in the lives of people. He asked the officials to keep abreast of the best practices being implemented in other States, study the experiences, try to bridge the gaps and overtake them. He also appreciated the efforts of the Municipal Department for bringing out a dashboard of their own.

Director of Municipal Administration Dr T K Sridevi explained about the salient features of the dashboard. She said that the dash board helps to evaluate the performance of different departments and programmes under the municipal administration department so as to ensure smooth functioning of administrative activities and achieving the goals of the State. The system integrates the data from various departments (C&DMA, MEPMA,TUFIDC and TMDP) and consolidated in the form of single dashboard.

The dash board shows real time information on progress of various programs of the concerned department. Comprehensive and detailed data can be viewed state wise, region wise, district wise and individual ULB wise. The system also provides information on the weaker sections and low performers. It helps in establishing integrated communication connectivity between concerned staff and the HOD in real time. Dashboard can give comparative and analytic reports to review the performance of each subject and operational works in all sections. HoD can directly send short message alert or can speak to the concerned staff mobile number by clicking the button. This establishes direct communication and alert to the staff to improve performance, she added. (NSS)