Telangana: Tribals worry about weakening of 5th schedule status

Hyderabad: The tribal community employees are concerned about the Telangana state government’s attempt to organize local carders and regulate direct employment agency regions via government order 317 published on December 6, and allotments being made at a rapid pace.

Tribal organization members argue that the action will weaken the protections provided to tribals under the fifth schedule and claime that the government order makes no reference to agency-specific cadre allotment and that districts will be considered as jurisdiction.

Speaking to the New Indian Express, the general secretary of Adivasi Employees Welfare and Cultural Association (AEWCA) G Janardhan said “many plain area employees were allotted to agency areas in the past. We have been hoping they would go back to their native districts under the zonal system and 95 percent allotment of the local cadre in districts as per the 2018 Presidential Order is implemented.”

Seniority is being considered in each of the former local cadres for the purpose of assignment of employees to the new local cadres, according to government order 317, he pointed out.

“According to seniority and ranking, many plain area employees working in agency regions would be hesitant to return to their original districts since they would not be senior enough for their cadre positions there.” As a result, people may choose to remain in agency regions and work as locals. This would have a significant influence on the availability of new jobs for future generations of tribals,” Janardhan remarked. Employees who work in agency regions are also offered specific perks.