Telangana: Toddler run over by school bus

Hyderabad: How often we leave our toddlers to themselves busy with preparing other children for school, but not caring about the toddler while seeing off other children to school killed a one-and-half-year-old toddler who stood in front of the bus on Monday.

The mother of the toddler was busy in sending her another four-year-old kindergarten kid M Sathvik Reddy to Montessori High school in Gopigadda in Shabad in neighbouring Rangareddy district when the mishap happened, TOI reported.

The school bus that arrived to pick the elder brother around 7.45am, ran over the toddler while Sathvik’s mother Lavanya was ensuring her son boards the school bus. The toddler followed the mother-son duo and happened to stand in front of the bus. Neither the mother nor the bus driver noticed the toddler standing in front of the bus.

“As neither Lavanya nor the bus driver noticed that little Adiya was standing in front of the left tire of the bus, the driver started the vehicle. The woman bid goodbye to the boy. As the bus moved forward, the girl came under the wheel. After Lavanya raised an alarm, bus driver Jangaiah slammed the brakes, but by then it was too late,’’ Shabad sub-inspector M Ravi Kumari said.

The mother was not holding the toddler’s hand assuming the toddler was still standing behind her. Everyday, either the boy’s mother or father, a farmer, along with the toddler would see him off as he boards the school bus, police said.

The locals in the region assaulted the bus driver after the mishap and later handed him over to the Shabad Police.

A case was registered under Section 304-A (negligence causing death) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Jangaiah, bus driver and authorities of Montessori High School.