Telangana: Three people die as car plunges into canal

Warangal: Three among four people were killed after a car plunged into a canal in Warangal on Wednesday. 

The victims have been identified as Pasula Saraswathi (42), Veerla Sridhar (38), Bhairi Rakesh (28) and Vijay Bhaskar, who alone managed to swim out, while others died on the spot. 

According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police A. Naresh Kumar, the incident took place around 10 am, “There is a left curve on the stretch, and suddenly a two-wheeler was speeding from the opposite direction and to avoid ramming the bike, he took a right turn and the car plunged in the SRSP canal.” he said.

The car overturned in the water, and the four managed to get out of it, but since three of the four victims did not know how to swim, they drowned, while Vijay Bhaskar escaped. Although locals and passers-by tried to help the victims by throwing ropes, to no avail.

Warangal police said, “Initially, we recovered only two dead bodies, which were found two kilometres apart. One more body was spotted some 3-4 kilometres away. We are trying to retrieve it. A crane has been arranged to fish out the car.”

The bodies were sent for autopsy and a case has been registered.