Telangana State will be the stepping stone for the BJP’s foray into South India says Amit Shah

Peddadevulapalli, Nalgonda: Amit Shah BJP President stressed that the party is looking forward to setting its steps firmly in Telangana State, which would, in turn, be a stepping stone for the party’s foray into South India.

“I personally feel Telangana should be the beginning of the BJP’s foray into South India. The party should be strengthened from here. The way Telangana unit (BJP) is functioning since the past two years and trying to strengthen the party in every village, I am confident that BJP will form the government too in 2019”, said Amit.

While Modi’s government is working for the ‘Vikas’ and ‘Jan Kalyan’, it has also stood like a rock when faced with external threats. Winning in the state would help the NDA government to achieve its vision of strengthening the party from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Assam to Gujarat under vikas yatra( journey of development) added Amit Shah.

On his second day tour of the state in Nalgonda District, Amit Shah addressed its polling booth committee members after interacting with few families, he also said he was glad that 80% people attended the meeting making it to 3000 village residents.

Amit Shah said: “Friends, we are not far away from Hyderabad, but when I visited the villages I found drinking water scarcity, lack of toilet, farmlands destroyed due to chemical factories, no jobs, idle youth, women, widows facing pension problems. I am sure Telangana government has failed in taking the schemes launched by the Centre to the people,” referring to TRS government.

He said the Modi government in these three years, has introduced several schemes for the poor, Dalits, adivasis, youth, workers, farmers and women for their prosperity, as reported in DC.