Telangana State Wakf Board asks GHMC to monitor Haleem meat in Ramadan

Hyderabad: In an attempt to monitor the contamination in meat during the Holy month of Ramadan, Telangana State Wakf Board has urged Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to carry checks on the Haleem outlets in Hyderabad. It has also asked GHMC to collect and send the meat samples for testing.

In a meeting on Saturday, that was attended by government officials at the TS Wakf Board office, the chairman of the board, Mohammed Saleem said that there were concerns raised regarding the quality of meat used. “In such circumstances, the GHMC should collect the meat samples and send it for analysis. The hoteliers should ensure cleanliness around the premises and take adequate security and fire safety measures,” he said as per a report by Deccan Chronicle.

The report further estimated around 10,000 haleem outlets during the holy month in the city. Moreover, officials of the Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSPDCL), who were also present at the meeting, informed that additional transformers are being arranged at important mosques.

“Pre-Ramzan checking is being done at all the transformers and when necessary, power cables are being replaced,” the TSPDCL officials said.