Telangana State emerging as an ‘investment hub’ for investors

Hyderabad: The newly formed Telangana State is growing to be one of the destination hubs for investments since the State Government introduced the TS-iPASS policy three years ago which has attracted huge investments from the industry.

According to the statistics TS state has attracted Rs 1,17,893.83 crore investments from about 6,039 industries under the new industrial policy which has created nearly 4,40,863 jobs for its people.

Around 3,537 companies who have invested Rs 32,220.87 crore have generated jobs for 1,57,816 people in the initial period and now 481 companies that are in advanced stage with Rs 12,493.17 crore investments will create 79,457 jobs.

The stats say nearly 517 companies that are in their initials stage with Rs 29,329.78 crore will be coming up to create nearly 83,992 jobs.

Further 1,19,598 jobs will be created after 1,504 companies who have come forward to invest nearly Rs 43,850.01 crore in the state.

The new industry Policy introduced is not only a hub for macro companies but has now become a favourite destination hub for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) also with the state attracting 1,800 companies that have invested which amounted to Rs 5,749.66 crore and created an employment of Rs 64,799 people.

Nearly 3,663 micro enterprises (3,663) have invested upto Rs 1 crore and less which amounted to Rs 1,055.71 crore investment that has created 53,508 jobs, reported Hans.