Telangana Parents Association oppose fee hike in Pvt. schools

Hyderabad: Earlier in May, the Telangana Government decided to pass GO regularizing school fee in all schools based on school fee regulatory panel report. But so far no such has been passed by the Government which has infuriated parents.

Following the current fee hike by private schools which is raised from 20% to 40% this year, Telangana Parents Association formed with 100 infuriated parents have gathered at Sundaraiah Park, Baghllingampally to oppose the fee hike this Wednesday.

The TPA earlier has alleged that these private schools were selling uniforms, books, stationary at three times higher than normal market prices.

It has also now demanded to see the Tirupati Rao Committee report. N. Narayana, TPA, president, said, “Schools have imposed a fee hike of around 20 per cent to 40 per cent this year which is not at all acceptable”, DC reported.