Telangana NRI return from Saudia will have serious repercussions on economy

Telangana NRI return from Saudia will have serious repercussions on economy

Hyderabad: The uncertain situation in Saudi Arabia may cast its repercussions of Indian Economy and especially on Telangana its effects could be felt the near future.

NRIs of Telangana were sending a lot of foreign exchange in the past. According to the information and press reports, it has come to be known that during the past 3 months only Bin Laden company retrenched 50 thousand employees. In the some manner, the jobs of various companies are also uncertain.

Govt. of India is making announcements to provide help to these retrenched employees is also making arrangements to bring them back to the country by arranging temporary transit visas.

According to the news from Saudia, there are more than 2200 workers from Telangana who have lost their jobs. Ojar construction company of Saudi Arabia has also retrenched thousands of its employees.

Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Foreign Minister of India has expressed her opinion that in Kuwait also, the situation is worse. There are more than 10 thousand Indian employees in the relief camps of Riyadh waiting to return to India. It is a serious issue to get their salaries. Indian Embassy staff have been given instructions to provide them every possible help.

Mr. K.T. Rama Rao made a representation to External Affairs Minister and kept quiet. He did not suggest any steps for their rehabilitation in the state.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir, Leader of opposition in Telangana Legislative Council blamed the Central and State Governments that they have failed to resolve their issues. He told that a representative of TRS Govt. should have reached Saudi Arabia to provide help. He alleged that by sitting in the cities issues can’t be resolved.

He recalled that in 2007 he was the minister incharge of NRIs. During that time, more than 35 thousand Indians were retrenched in UAE. He had gone there immediately. The then State Govt. had spent Rs. 2 crore to get back 1256 citizens of AP. These were the person who didn’t have money for their return tickets. He had played a key role in getting them back by a special plane. He demanded the TRS Govt. to take immediate steps for the rehabilitation of these workers.

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