Telangana man stranded in Kabul, family urges govt to bring him home

Mancherial: Family of a 44-year-old man from Telangana’s Mancherial district, who is stranded in Kabul after the Taliban takeover, has requested the Government of India to bring him home.

 The man named Bommana Rajanna is awaiting a safe return to his homeland. Rajanna, daughter of Bommana Rajanna, said his father went to Kabul on August 7 and was supposed to come back by August 18.

She, however, said that her father has informed the family that he is safe as of now.

“My father went there on August 7 and was suppose to come back by August 18. But as the flights got cancelled, my father got stuck there and is currently awaiting an evacuation plan from the Indian government. We request the Government of India to bring him back safely,” she said.

“Though he is asking us not to worry as he is safe as on now, we are worried about him. Though he might seem brave, he is worried and scared,” she added.

 On August 15, the Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and declared victory after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad and his government collapsed.