Telangana Jagruti celebrates 10th Foundation Day

Nizamabad MP and Telangana Jagruti chief K. Kavita said that Telangana Jagruti was striving to safeguarding the interests of the State.

Addressing a gathering of the Jagruthi activists to mark the 10th foundation day of the Telangana Jagruthi here on Friday, Kavita said that the Jagruti was working towards protecting the cultural heritage of the state and its people. She said that the organization has played a vital role in getting recognition to the Telangana culture at the national and global forums.

Kavita said that Jagruthi had extended all sorts of support to the families of 369 farmers who committed suicides due to drought like situation in the state. She also said that the orgainsation had trained over 3,500 youth in honing their skills in and helped 1,500 to get employment opportunities. (INN)