Telangana horror: Second rape victim body recovered from well

Hyderabad: in yet another ghastly crime reported from the state’s Yadadri district a second body of a rape victim has been recovered from the same well that had become the centre of locals’ ire.
This well of horror is situated in Hajipur of Yadadri district in Telangana where so far two rape victims bodies have been recovered, TN reports.
Even before residents recovered from the shock of having found the body of a 14-year-old girl, allegedly raped and murdered, from an abandoned well, the body of another girl, aged 18, who had been missing for over 45 days was found last evening from the same abandoned well.
The region locals have set the accused’s house on fire as soon as the news of the second body recovered was made public.
Now the police are looking for clues into the alleged rape and murder of a minor girl whose corpse was found in the well a few days back.
Some people are suspecting this to be the heinous work of the accused rapist-murderer who killed both the victims in a crime spree.
(This is a developing story.)