Telangana has 44.64 lakh Muslims – GHMC 21 lakh, Khammam only 1.58 lakh

Hyderabad: The total population of the Muslims in Telangana state is 44,64,699 which works out to 12.68% of the total population of the State. GHMC has the largest concentration of the Muslims whereas Khammam has the loswest population of the Muslims.


An analysis of the population figures reveals that Telangana State has a total population of 3,51,93,978 persons in which the Hindus are 2.,99,48,451 (85.09%). In the integrated State of A.P., the Muslims constituted 9% whereas after the formation of Telangana State, the concentration of Muslims was being estimated at 11% but the census of 2011 disproved this estimate. The Muslims in Telangana constitute 12.68% .


The allegations which were leveled against the Govt. for providing reservations to Muslims on the basis of their population in the State are being proved baseless in view of the latest statistics. TRS Govt. is serious to provide 12% reservations to Muslims. In this context, these leaders could be helpful. Muslims constitute the largest minority population in the state. Christian are countitue 4,47,124 which constitutes 1.3 %. The Sikhs are 30,340 which constitutes 0.04% whereas the Jains are 26, 690 which constitutes 0.075%. In urban areas, the Muslims are 33,31,440 whereas in rural areas they are 11,33,253. According to the Census statistics, males are more in number among the Hindus and Muslims than women. The least concentration of the Muslims is in Khammam district. They constitute only 1.58% of the total population of the State. The largest concentration of the Christians is in Hyderabad and their least population is in Adilabad district.