Telangana Hajj Committee on tenterhooks waiting for release of Hyderabadi pilgrim

Hyderabad: Saudi Consulate is active for the release of Hyderabadi pilgrim who is in police custody. Consulate is said to have made representation with Hajj and Home ministry to ensure his release. Officials of Indian Hajj Mission also made representation with the government in this connection. Saudi authorities told that the release of Hyderabadi pilgrim is possible only when the case is heard by the Qazi. The case has not been presented in the court of Qazi so far and his release depends upon final judgment by the Qazi.

It must be recalled that police had arrested a pilgrim belonging to Hyderabad for picking up the money of another Haji during Tawaaf in Mutaaf.

Special Officer Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor has contacted officials of Indian Hajj Mission and Consulate and requested measures for immediate release.

Meanwhile 8 batches of pilgrims belonging to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have reached Madina Munawwara. 3 more batches will leave for Madina on Friday.

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