Telangana Hajj Committee may face hardship in organising Hajj Camp

Telangana Hajj Committee may face terrible hardship in organising Hajj Camp this year, as the accommodation facility in present Hajj House building has reduced significantly. Hajj Committee will have to depend upon the under construction commercial complex adjacent to Hajj House.

It must be noted that the Hajj House building was constructed during the period of Chandra Babu Naidu to ensure stay of Hajj aspirants during Hajj camp however the building was gradually transformed into the hub of government offices of minority Welfare. The accommodation capacity of the building is decreasing year after year. Last year there was a capacity of 600 pilgrims in the building but this year even the accommodation of 200 pilgrims seems impossible.

Number of Minority Welfare offices has increased in the building since the bifurcation of the state. Space has been provided for the offices of Andhra Pradesh Waqf Board, Andhra Pradesh Finance Corporation, Urdu Academy and Hajj Committee which has further reduced the space for Hajj pilgrims.

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