Telangana gulf activists visits Kerala to study their best policies

Hyderabad: A six-member team of Gulf migrant rights activists from Telangana state on Thursday visited the offices of non resident Keralites affairs (NORKA) and Pravasi welfare board in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, in a bid to learn its best practices being implemented by the Kerala government for the welfare of Gulf workers. 

“The visiting team would draft a study report based on the visit and submit it to the Telangana government on behalf of the civil society for initiation of suitable measures in the state” said, Guggilla Ravi Goud, Convener of Telangana gulf joint action committee.

He also said that, we are trying to understand the best practices and Gulf migration management system in Kerala.

Recruitment manager of NORKA-roots, Ajith Kolassery explained their activities through a power point presentation. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, CEO of NORKA-roots also spoke on the occasion. Team also had a meeting with P.T. Kunhi Muhammad, Chairman of Pravasi Welfare Board and M. Radhakrishnan, CEO of the Board.

They answered many queries asked by the Telangana team members. The visit was coordinated and assisted under representatives of the center for Indian migrant studies (SIMS) in Kerala, Rafeek Ravuther, Akhil Shankar, Parvathy Devi and senior journalist Rejimon Kuttappan.

The six-member of Telangana Gulf joint action committee team includes Guggilla Ravi Goud (Jagtial district), Swadesh Parkipandla (Nirmal District), Nangi Devender Reddy (Mahabubnagar district), Perugu Mallikarjun (Mancherial district), Jaligam Kumar Swamy (Siddipet district), Gangula Muralidhar Reddy (Sangareddy district).

The team of Telangana gulf diaspora associations are visiting Kerala in the wake of the Telangana government’s announcement in the recent budget. Finance minister T.¬†Harish Rao had said, “The Telangana government would put in place an administrative arrangement on the lines of Kerala for welfare of those from Telangana who work in the Gulf. A special team has visited Kerala to study the policies being adopted by the government there. Based on its report, the government will initiate certain measures for welfare of Gulf workers.”

In view of the above, Gulf migrants rights activists from Telangana visited Kerala to understand the best practices and Gulf migration management system in Kerala.  The team wants to develop a study report based on the visit and to submit a report to the government of Telangana on behalf of the civil society.