Telangana Govt promises help for conjoined twins

The Telangana Government offered to facilitate the surgery to separate conjoined twins, Veena and Vani, who have been staying at a state-run hospital here for the last 12 years.

“If doctors come forward to perform surgery, the government is ready to spend money and facilitate,” state Health Minister C Laxma Reddy told reporters here.

Doctors from London, who examined the twins earlier, expressed readiness to perform the surgery, but they could not give a 100 per cent guarantee to the life of the twins, he said. A team from AIIMS has also expressed the same opinion after conducting all the tests, he said. Now, doctors from Australia have recently shown interest in the matter.

The parents of the conjoined twins last week urged the Telangana government to facilitate an operation to separate the girls, though medical experts opined that the surgery could be risky. “Since it was God who gave such a birth to them, we pray to the government (and also God) to perform an operation on Veena and Vani, either in London, Australia or America, to separate them and then hand them over to us,” the children’s parents M Murali and Nagalakshmi said in a letter to Superintendent of the Niloufer hospital. (INN)