Telangana govt modifies LRS, allows registration of open plots

Hyderabad: In a major relief to the buyers and seller of non-agricultural properties, the Telangana government on Tuesday tweaked the Land Regularization Scheme (LRS) to take up registrations in respect of open plots/structures if the property is acquired by the present owner through a valid registered document earlier.

In this regard, the registration and stamps (R&S) department said that it decided to carry out the registration of non-agricultural lands and properties according to the old procedure, as per the directions of the High Court. The commissioner of R&S, T. Chiranjeevulu said in his orders that there were some difficulties in the registration of plots and properties and the government received representations from various quarters.

The orders states, “Registration of a new plot will not take place unless it has the approval of the authorized officer or the approved layout. New plot means a plot that has been brought for registration for the first time or is being sold for the first time by the developers.”

 The orders said that apart from layout approved plots and formerly regularized plots under the LRS scheme, there would be no impediment to the registration of buildings that were formerly approved under BPS or BRS scheme. However, first-time registration of unauthorized properties will not be permitted, officials clarified.

It may be noted that the real estate sector was hard hit as the LRS scheme was a major hurdle in the registration process. The orders by R&S was followed by a series of protests staged by the real estate owners and people against the LRS and the “massive amounts” that were being charged for registration of plots.