Telangana govt to launch free hearse service from govt hospitals

Hyderabad: Telangana Government would start a free service tomorrow for transporting bodies of those who die in government hospitals to their homes in special vehicles.

The service would be known as ‘Free Hearse Service’ and it will be launched by Health Minister C Laxma Reddy at the state-run Gandhi hospital here.

The service would prevent incidents that came to light in recent times like a husband carrying body of his wife on his shoulder or a man carrying corpse of his wife on a push cart, a state government statement said.

The plan to launch the service, intended to help poor who lack money to transport bodies of their dear ones to their homes from a major state-run hospital, was prepared long ago and it is being implemented now, it stated.

The government has readied 50 vehicles under the service to begin with and they will be available 24 hours.

GVK Group, which manages the popular 108 emergency vehicles, would manage the ‘hearse service’ as well.