Telangana govt in soup over linking COVID-19 vaccination with pensions, rations

Hyderabad: Is the Telangana government planning to link COVID-19 vaccinations with beneficiaries who receive pensions and rations? While state director for Public Health Dr. Srinivasa Rao, who reportedly said the same earlier and has denied the move today, there seems to be some some truth in it.

A day earlier on Monday, a tweet from the Jogulamba district collector clearly stated that there should be 100% vaccination in the district. Authorities were asked to take steps to ensure completion of COVID-19 vaccination, and were also ordered to compile a list of “those who had not been vaccinated”, to immediately “suspend their support pensions and rations”.

This goes completely against what Dr. Srinivasa Rao said today in a statement, wherein he denied making any statement linking COVID-19 vaccinations with ration and pensions given by the government. Controversy erupted on Tuesday morning as a voice clip of Dr. Rao began circulating on local news channels, in which he reportedly said that those who have not taken got vaccination will not receive their pensions and rations.

Many questioned the state over the move. However, soon after the director issued a statement refuting whatever was being aired. As of now, it is unclear whether this is being done covertly, or whether it won’t be done as the director stated.