Telangana govt, To Convert the Roads from BT to CC Roads

Hyderabad: State Industries Minister Jupally Krishna Rao and IT & Panchayat Raj Minister K.T. Rama Rao on Monday met with the representatives of various cement manufacturing units in the Secretariat to quote the supply of cement for White topping roads and wanted them to come up with a lower quote for supply. It is planned to lay about 400-500 km road in Hyderabad in two months time.

Representatives from India Cements, Rain Cements, JayPee Cements, Deccan, Penna, Keerthi industries, Zuari Cements, Anjani Portland Cement, Kakatiya, Kesoram, and other cement industries participated in the discussion.

The first White Topping Technology was tried out on Road No.10, Bajarahills, Hyderabad. The white Topping Technology has many advantages such as it reduce the thickness, zero maintenance, and it gives long life without maintenance for 25-30 years.

Due to lack of cement and mechanized equipment earlier the White Topping Technology had been ignored. The meeting was conducted with the representatives of cement industries to negotiate on the price of the cement. The industry quoted Rs 250 per bag. The representative from the industry requested for a day’s time to get back regarding the Government request to bring down the supply price.

The IT Minister said that they intended to take this technology to districts and villages and convert all the roads from BT to CC Road with white topping technology. The Minister said that Telangana has the highest urban population in the country and stood at around 42% and said that very soon the roads would be uniform and world class all over the state.