Telangana Governor stresses upon reorganisation of police equipment

Hyderabad: Telangana Governor ESL Narasimhan on Monday stressed upon the reorganisation of police equipment for the safety and security of the state.

While addressing a joint sitting of the Telangana Legislative Assembly and Council in Hyderabad, the Governor also assured that Welfare of the minority will be taken care.

“Police equipment to be reorganised as safety and security will be primary concerns. 80 new fire stations and initiatives to promote tourism are also in the pipeline. The welfare of minority will also be taken care of, which will also include overseas scholarships,” Narasimhan said.

The Governor further talked about the agricultural sector in the state, “Revival of agriculture sector has been the highest priority of my Government. While agriculture has been the mainstay for State’s population, the sector was reeling under severe distress before the formation of the State. In the absence of assured irrigation facilities, agriculture in the State was highly dependent on vagaries of monsoon and ever depleting groundwater, resulting in low productivity, meagre and uncertain incomes to farmers.”

Talking about the achievements of Telangana, Narasimhan said, “Telangana State has created a new record of supplying 24 hours quality power, free of cost to about 23 lakh agriculture pump sets and also to the lift irrigation schemes since January 1, 2018. Telangana is the only State in the country to achieve this distinction in power sector to end the distress of farmers.”

“My Government has achieved a remarkable progress in improving the power situation in the State. There was a crisis like situation in power sector at the time of formation of the State. The power sector is now transformed from a situation of 2-day power holiday to industries to zero power cuts at all. Farmers are being provided with 24 X 7 power from 1st of January this year. It is a matter of great satisfaction that there is a remarkable improvement in the quality and quantity of power supplied to all categories of consumers. In an effort to make State self-sufficient in power, the contracted capacity increased from 7,778 MWs in 2014, to 15,344 MWs today,” Narasimhan added.

Narasimhan further talked about the growing economy of the state in a short period of time.

“The fundamental tenet of my Government is faster economic growth with a strong focus on inclusiveness. Hitherto neglected and deprived sections of our society should certainly get the benefits of growth. The last three and a half years, since the formation of the new State of Telangana, have been a rewarding period. This phase witnessed several challenges being overcome and considerable progress achieved in many areas. My government apart from bridging the critical development deficit faced by the State over decades, has been racing ahead of other States,” added Narasimhan.

Meanwhile, during the Governor’s speech, Congress MLA protested against the speech and threw headphones which hit the council chairman Swamy Goud. (ANI)