Telangana: Government prepared to answer queries in Legislature session

Hyderabad: CM K Chandrashekar Rao has termed ‘chalo Assembly’ call on the first day of commencement of the legislature sessions from the opposition party Congress as painful.

While addressing a meeting at the party headquarters Telangana Bhavan on Thursday, Deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari, who was briefing the media about the commencement of proceedings told that CM was quoted saying that even before the opposition called in for queries, the Telangana Government had already prepared to reply to the queries raised by the opposition party and hence offered to conduct the upcoming legislature session for 50 days.

Questioning the protest ‘chalo assembly’ CM asked the reason behind such call when the Government allowed to discuss matters requiring urgency and importance in the Assembly and the Council.
He said, “There is no precedent of an opposition calling for protest on the first day of the session. At a time when the Government has expressed its willingness to prolong the session to allow debate on the issues raised by the opposition parties, where is the need for conducting chalo Assembly?”

Further adding that the opposition call for protest was clear. He said, “The motives behind organizing such protests are amply clear. The Congress does not want discussions on the issues of public importance”.

CM in the meeting directed the party legislators to work on charges from the opposition and ensure to prove them wrong and deliver the same to the people.

He asked the legislators to be thoroughly prepared with all the required information before attending the Assembly and council meetings in order to effectively rebut the charges from the opposition party.

The Telangana Government took the initiative to launch various welfare and development programs for the overall development of the state and residents of the state and that they should be taken up by the people.

The TRS party has introduced the state party executive members to the elected representatives for their collaboration in order to deliver the Government programs to the ordinary people.

“The party rank and file should focus on the programmes to ensure that the party is returned to power in the next elections. This will necessitate effective coordination between the leaders at different levels,” he said.

He added so far 60 lakh people have enrolled themselves as members in the recent membership drive that was conducted by the TRS party and that nearly Rs.9.87 crores has been paid to the insurance companies for the members benefit.